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Our objectives and services



The European Research Center for Fireballs and Meteorites (ERFM) is trying to document any current meteorite fall in Europe as quickly as possible. In that process the prompt recovery of meteorites and the gathering of information regarding the associated meteor event obtain top priority. Only with that procedure we can assist the planetologists and their research institutions.

In principle the operating staff of the ERFM pay attention to all detonating meteors. The main task is to collect interesting reports of witnesses to an event, then to estimate these reports to make an evaluation for documentation in which we then present the results to the public. This produces a general benefit, particularly for science, for the culture of a country and for the understanding of the public, which got involved in one of those extraordinary celestial events.

Primarily important for the ERFM is the continuity and reliability, responsible acting, a scientific standard, and the ability to act as a kind of interconnection between different countries or organizations or even between different branches of study and lines of research. Also the connection between the witness and the scientist is important to us. Since one hand the casual witness is a hardly calculable factor with his still subjective report, but also with his infrequent and interesting perceptions. On the other hand in the case of such infrequent events mostly no database is available for scientists in spite of all their empirical data and theoretical knowledge. Only if we know all facts, we are able to correctly adjust an event, a statement, a calculation, a conclusion or a pretended find of a meteorite find or even to verify.

Another objective of the ERFM is collecting of information for statistical research in order to strengthen the fundaments of the meteor- and meteoritic sciences with further data. These research branches are afflicted slightly with the fact that in such rare sporadic meteor events there are too few meaningful and controlled data or respectively data on an equal base. At this point the ERFM wants to help with his services to change that situation.

Our entire services, but above all the recovery of the freshly fallen meteorites have also to be paid at a particular time. Nobody does anything without adequate compensation, which is also a certain acknowledgement of the value of that work. Here at the ERFM an extraordinary and unusual work is being done, successful and independent, and it is nothing to compare with. In our work we put manpower, a lot of patience and time, and ultimately expenses. For the necessary cost-recovery and financing of such expenditure, we provide a contingent of found meteorite material, or alternatively, our services directly for a valuable consideration. Through it is not possible in advance to determine which is the more reasonable option.

Ultimately the European museums and collectors worldwide ensure that we actually can be continuing to pursue this activity. Therefore we would like to thank truly all here once again! These are probably also collected thank greetings from all the scientists and institutes which were supported by the ERFM with new, fresh, interesting and free material.


In the meantime we are all waiting that again work is falling from the sky!


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