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All times they fall on the earth and will be swallowed by it. Wind and weather do their own work to change the newcomer in such a way, that it will merge with its vicinity. Resistance seems to be futile. Always the meadow and the forest overgrew the ground, which was now somewhat differently. We eat even later, what was once a stone. And look at ourselves, what we are, then we recognize in amazement that even we are not of this world. Everything we ever could hold in our hands and possibly ever will get in our hands, all that is star dust from long-forgotten times. Rejected matter, which is merged in a just no more existing star. Only that end was our birth. It's just amazing that even those blackish envoys from the sky can remind us where we came from and how far we have come. What it is? It’s a meteorite that had fallen from the sky, like a god’s messenger coming with shine and thunder. For eons on its journey, it not only comes from a place that we don’t know, but also from a time that we like to rediscover.


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A meteoroide is a particle respectively also a more or less large object in the interplanetary space, which will cause a meteor appearance during the entrance into the atmosphere.

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A meteorite is in principle an object, which originates from a meteoroid. It is exactly that part of the meteoroid, which survived the passage across the atmosphere and finally has reached the surface as a solid object..

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Meteorite Fall

A meteorite fall is characterised by the fall of at least one meteorite after a spectacular appearance of a detonating meteor.

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Meteorite Find

A meteorite find in general is existent, when an object in nature is found, which will be classified later as a meteorites.

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